Monsignor Rocco Villani -Funeral Arrangements

Monsignor Rocco Villani -Funeral Arrangements

Wake (St. Brendan Church)

Thursday 2-5 pm and 6-9 pm

Friday 2-5 pm  Vigil Mass 7:30 pm

Saturday Funeral Mass 10:30 am

Monsignor Rocco Villani, former pastor of Saint Brendan and pastor emeritus of Saint Mary, Mother of Jesus, died peacefully in his rooms at St. Brendan on Tuesday evening just as the Angelus rang. He had been in the hospital for nine days and had just come home to begin hospice care. He was alert and happy and died in the peace of Jesus just after being anointed.
Arrangements for the wake and funeral which will take place in Saint Brendan Church will be available late Wednesday.
Thank you Rocco! Live in the peace of Jesus!
Behold a great priest who in his days was pleasing to God!